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About me

Jan 1, 1970


My name is Dionysis Grigoropoulos and I’m 27 years old. I currently work at Transifex. In the past, I used to work at Pollfish as a DevOps engineer and before that, I worked as a developer for GRNET’s Synnefo (Synnefo on GitHub) cloud stack platform.

I’m really interested in anything related to infosec, from hardware hacks and low level exploitation up to social engineering and web app exploitation.

I believe in decentralization and the open web. I self-host a number of services for myself, friends and family and wish to help more people do the same thing.

Contacting me

My preferred means of communication is email, so if you want to contact me, drop me an email at You can find my private key at the usual keyservers, its fingerprint is: B145 1E3E 82B5 990C E553 C891 A4FB EEBF ED35 9294.

Alternatively, I can be reached via IRC on Freenode under the nick Erethon or by Jabber/XMPP at

I don’t have comments enabled on this blog, since I find Disqus - and all not self-hosted solutions - to be quite privacy intrusive.


I try not to use any external resources on my blog, be it fonts, JS libraries, font icons, etc. I also don’t use Google Analytics or any other tracking software and I try to not keep any logs on my webservers either.


If for some reason you feel like donating to me, my Bitcoin address is 17AB73EB6MycHSoZUXVkcRYB85zZ2dBm5g.


I enjoy seeing epoch failures in modern software :)