NotMuch is awesome

Mar 17, 2015

In one of my previous posts, I explained my email setup in detail. Since then I've added one more piece of software on the "stack". It's called NotMuch and it's an email indexer.

After email is saved locally, thanks to offlineimap, it gets indexed by NotMuch in order to be searchable. NotMuch supports tags, uses Xapian for searches which means it supports stemming and is super quick and lightweight.

I've integrated mutt with NotMuch using the notmuch-mutt package on Debian, mutt-notmuch-py (although this can be done in many simpler ways) and a couple of lines on my .muttrc. I use / to search all of my emails when I'm on the index view of mutt and I to display a whole thread once I find the particular email I'm looking for.

Give NotMuch a try, after all it's not much of an effort to set it up :)

Tags: software workflow mail