October 2023 updates

Nov 2, 2023

Updates on some of the things I've been up to during October 2023.


I gave a talk at FOSSCOMM2023, a Greek conference that took place in Crete. It's mostly centered around FOSS and all things Open. The talk was about LoRa, Meshtastic and Reticulum. Slides and sources can be found here.

In order to properly test the Reticulum meshing capabilities, together with some friends we setup a small mesh network in Athens, Greece that worked over LoRa. Reticulum performed great and we were able to communicate in distances over 13km and even have a shell session using RNSH.


On the Reticulum ecosystem, I fixed some minor bugs [1, 2] in LoRaMon and RNSH.

For my personal infra there have been a lot of changes. I've repuprosed some RPi 4s that were idle at home and setup a small k3s cluster to more easily test various IoT related software locally. I also finally committed all the Ansible and Terraform changes needed after my previous hardware node died.


My replacement Beepy arrived in the mail, after my original unit (one of the first batch of 50 units sent to "hackers" to try them out) failed due to a fault on the power/charging part of the board. This is a common issue for some units that seems to have been fixed in the latest board revision.

I've only experimented with it for a couple hours max, but in November I'll spent more time testing it with Reticulum and SDR related projects.

Tags: log reticulum lora